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Royal Queens Rising

Dec 7, 2021

Creator of high energy, infectious dance vibes and a fun, positive atmosphere. That’s how Lion Bolt describes herself as a DJ. Never afraid to try new things, she mixes music to increase energy and build confidence. Growing up, music and dancing always went hand in hand as her way to express herself and destress. Lion Bolt has always had high energy and loves to take risks, which is what gave fuel to her name: Lion Bolt which resembles Strength and Energy. Today, this translates into sets where she deconstructs and intertwines pieces of music, she loves the most, where it feels like one continuous dance party. Her goal with mixing music is to raise vibrations in those who listen and to bring a positive, uplifting influence into listeners’ lives. “It’s all about increasing energy and confidence, playing those tracks that get you in a feel-good state, which hopefully inspires you to express yourself fully.”