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Royal Queens Rising

Jun 29, 2021

DJ Lady Shay is a Tampa, FL based DJ and MC who has overcome the barriers of a male dominated profession and become a driving force that is spearheading a new chapter for female DJs. DJ Lady Shay is a live mix/blend turntablist DJ, not a button pusher. She understands the true art of mixing and is incredible to watch and hear, as she spins on turntables. Her music repertoire spans from electronic to current pop, hiphop, old school, dancehall, calypso and soca music. She also brings a vibrant energy to the microphone as a professional MC. DJ Lady Shay is a Florida native from Delray Beach and a graduate from University of Central Florida. Her natural ability to select music is deeply rooted in her Jamaican heritage and father who was a well-respected vinyl DJ.