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Royal Queens Rising

May 18, 2021

Since 2009, Dazzler has been making noise in the nightlife and corporate private party scene, thanks to her passion for music and people. She has provided the sounds at some of the most coveted landmarks for revel destinations from the most refined soirees at the Frank Sinatra Beverly Hills Estate, The Dolby Theatre, loftSEVEN Penthouse and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim stadium to the wildest parties in Austin, Las Vegas, New York City and she’s not leaving her very own backyard of Los Angeles and Orange County out of the territory mark. With her eclectic taste in music, Dazzler has been known to be a multi-faceted DJ and MC who goes against the grain by introducing and re-introducing sounds that please the crowd. Whether it’s a hit from the past, a Top 40 song or a tune you’ve never heard before, one thing is certain that DJ Dazzler will take you on a musical expedition.